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Shankar Math

Famous For The Sriyantra by which the named of city Srinagar derived is still here in the Alaknanda river.
Importance There is a legend that a Sriyantra is made on the stone slabe(the name Srinagar is derived from this Sriyantra) in front of which human life were sacrificed to please the divine power.Adi Shakracharya thrown this slab into the Alaknanda river to stop the cruelity.This slab still lies here. It was the spot where he realised the power of Lord Shiva.
Dedicated To Lord Shiva

Other Deities God Vishnu and Laxmi

Address Srinagar

CityPauri Garhwal

Location 3km from town Srinagar

Construction Year 17th century

Costructed By Adi Guru Shankaracharya

Religion Hindu

Accesibility Road : The temple is well connected from all parts of Pauri District

Near By Cities Kotdwar,Rishikesh

Other Places Gurur Gorakhnath,Kamleshwar Temple

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