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Mahasu Devta

Famous For This temple in Hanol has two extremely heavy mysterious balls which the locals believe are from Mahabharata time and belong to Bhim.
Importance God Mahasu is said to have been invited to this valley from Kashmir to kill the demon Kirbir and to rid the people of his terror.
Dedicated To Lord Shiva as Mahasu.

Other Deities Deolari Devi and her four sons.

Festival Mahasu Devta Fair

Address Hanol


Location Eastern Bank of Tons

Altitude 1429m

Construction Type It was originally constructed in the Huna architectural style, but over the ages it acquired a mixed style

Opening Schedule All season

Religion Hindu

Best Time August

Accomodation Various rest houses are in the village Hanol. and the hotel facilities are in the city Dehradun which is 120km from temple.

Near By Cities Dehradun,Tehri

Other Places Karna devta temple,Duryodhan temple

Mahasu Devta

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