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Dhari Devi

Famous For The upper part of Godess Kali is believed here and the remaining part is worship in Kalimath.As opinion of villagers the face of the idol changes as a girl,a women and an old lady as the progress of time.This idol is in open sky.
Importance There is a legend that once in a flood the temple washed of and the idol of Godess Kali struck against the rock,the villager of dharo village heard a divine voice when they reached there they fixed the idol of kali at this spot.Since then this temple is Known as Dhari devi.
Dedicated To Godess Kali

Festival Navratras

Address Dhari village


Opening Schedule All season

Religion Hindu

Accesibility Rail : Nearest railhead is Rishikesh, 124 kms. Road : The temple is 15 kms. from Srinagar, 124 kms. from Rishikesh, 19 kms. Short of Rudraprayag, 44 kms. from Pauri & 165 kms. from Dehradun.

Near By Cities Rudraprayag,Srinagar

Other Places Kamleshwar Mahadev

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