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Buda Kedar

Famous For The Pandawas impressions are marked on this Shivling.This is the biggest Shivling in northern India.
Importance It is believed that Duryodhan offered Tarpan here.According to a epic, after the battle of kurukshetra pandawas wanted to pay homage to shiva. In search of Shiva they met a sage Balkhily at Bhrigu mountain.The Rishi directed them to the site of the confluence to meet a man mediating there. But when the Pandavas reach there, man they got a shivling. Rishi Balkhily instructed the Pandavas to embrace the Shivling in order to free themselves from their sins.
Dedicated To Lord Shiva

Address Uttarkashi


Location This temple is situated at the meeting of the Bal Ganga and Dharam Ganga rivers

Costructed By Pandavas

Opening Schedule All season

Religion Hindu

Near By Cities Tehri

Buda Kedar

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