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Famous For It is famous for old statues well ptreserved here.A shriyantra on a canopy placed by Adi Shankrachaya.
Importance According to a legend Bharat,brother of Lord Ram liable himself reparation here. Later the bharat temple was build.
Dedicated To Bharat the brother of Lord Rama.

Other Deities Laxman,Yaksh and Yamini

Festival Center of Rishikesh near triveni ghat


Altitude 356m

Construction Year 12nd century A.D

Costructed By Adi Guru Shankracharya

Accesibility Air: The nearest air-port is Jolly Grant air strip (18 kms) on Rishikesh-Dehra Dun Road which is connected by air service with Delhi. Rail: Rishikesh is connected with Haridwar by rail and Haridwar is connected by long distance trains to Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Ujjain, Gorkhapur and Amritsar. Road: Rishikesh is connected by road and regular Bus service with Agra (392 kms), Dehra Dun (43 kms), Delhi (238 kms), Haridwar (24 kms), Mussoorie (78 kms), Badrinath (298 kms), Kedamath (223 kms), Yamnotri , (222 kms), Gangotri (235 kms), Chandigarh (252 kms) and Uttarkashi (154 kms). Bus Stands: Roadways and Yatri Bus Stand. Taxies: Are available on all Bus routes. Local transport: Taxies, Three wheeler autos and Tongas as well as regular City Bus service are available in Rishikesh.


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